Design and development

Professional works

Your plant from renewable sources followed at all stages from design to actual implementation!

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Excellent result

Be guided by the experience and professionalism of experts to guide you in choosing the most suited to your needs.

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Competitive price

Individual offers convenience and safety for photovoltaic kits, kit mini wind turbines and solar thermal addressed both to individuals and to companies.

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Do you want to invest in renewable energy, but you need to be guided in this world. We have various solutions to offer...

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Plants Financing


We can assist in finding the best financing for your system and implement, where required, work at "no cost" to the client.

For plants up to 50 kWp

Ing4energy has signed agreements with the leading companies in consumer credit and is able to obtain, directly in place, the opinion of the finance company in just 48 hours without any warranty request and with the added benefit of being able to pay the first installment after 6 months when the system is already built and running.

You only need to provide documentation of income, valid identity document and subscribe to our prior.


findomestic                               Neos finance

For plants over 50 kWp

Amounts for these products are available at major institutions of credit. You have the following offers:

  • Unsecured loan, with a maximum duration of 15 years and a grace period of at least 4 months
  • Mortgage loan, with a maximum duration of 18 years and a grace period of at least 6 months
  • Finance or operating lease, with a maximum duration of 15 years

It is worth noting that the outcome of the loan is subject to the subjective conditions of the applicant and the general conditions of the financial market. Furthermore, a system designed and authorized is more easily financeable of a plant simply budgeted.