Design and development

Professional works

Your plant from renewable sources followed at all stages from design to actual implementation!

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Excellent result

Be guided by the experience and professionalism of experts to guide you in choosing the most suited to your needs.

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Competitive price

Individual offers convenience and safety for photovoltaic kits, kit mini wind turbines and solar thermal addressed both to individuals and to companies.

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Do you want to invest in renewable energy, but you need to be guided in this world. We have various solutions to offer...

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Micro Wind Investment Program



Availability of suitable land for the installation of small wind sites in areas with good wind.

For those wishing to invest in the community wind but was not in possession of land suitable for construction of plants (due to lack of wind or the presence of constraints), you can create one or more installations on land belonging to the program of Micro Wind Investment Ing4energy. ? in MWI program have in fact been identified and studied (both from the point of view that the feasibility anemological) land located in various regions of Italy.? investors and once accepted to the program will immediately receive a list of all sites belonging to the program with all the features in terms of wind speed, affordability, manufacturability planned, cost turnkey project, years of payback.? Ing4energy in such areas offer the customer a "turnkey" that goes from the practice authorization and subsequent installation dell'aerogeneratore to the recognition of incentives.

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